Photographs for film and television

Matt shoots for Studioactivist and is a photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand with 17 years experience having graduated from the Wellington Polytechnic School of Design in 1997. He currently specialises in production stills, pre-production photography artwork, and gallery shoots for film and television publicity. Studioactivist's production clients include: 

ABC | Disney | Buena Vista International                                                                                          Modern Family (2014), The Bachelorette (2010, 2011), The Bachelor (2008), The Amazing Race (2008)

STARZ | Pacific Renaissance 
Spartacus:War of the Damned (2012), Spartacus:Vengeance (2011), Spartacus:Gods of the Arena (2010), Spartacus:Blood and Sand (2009)

South Pacific Pictures
Shortland Street (2010-2014), Step Dave (2013-2014), Go Girls (2010-2013), The Almighty Johnsons (2011-2013), Nothing Trivial (2010-2013), Golden (2012), The Blue Rose (2012)

Saban Brands | Power Rangers Productions
Power Rangers: Dino Charge (2014-2015), Power Rangers:Megaforce (2012-2013), Power Rangers:Samurai (2010-2011) 

Seven Sharp (2014), Heartland (2013-2014), Backbenches (2014)

Imagination Television
New Zealand's Got Talent (2013)

Safehouse (2012)

Sunny Skies (2012)

Comedia Pictures
Billy (2011)

Polyphon International | General Film Corp
Longing for New Zealand (2009), Paradise at the End of the World (2009), Whiskey Island (2011)

General Film Corp
The Dead Lands (2013-2014), Beyond the Edge (2012), Giselle (2012), Love Birds (2010)

Disney | Pacific Renaissance
Legend of the Seeker (2009)

Disney XD
Skyrunners (2009)

Matariki (2009)

and Power | Ice Features
Ice (2009)


Matt is committed to providing clients with the best possible stills with which they can promote their product. He uses a Canon 5D mark II delivering RAW, DNG, or JPEG files. He also use a JPI sound blimp for silent stills operation concurrent with production shooting.


Matt is specialist on-set photographer. This means he knows his way around film, TV, theatre, and TVC sets. It requires a a particular combination of skills to be able to both merge with a film crew, taking care to not disrupt production too much, and at the same time capture the images your client is looking for.

Behind the Scenes

This is an area of film, TV, and theatre production publicity that really appeals to Matt. The days are filled with a dance of creative people and often beautiful sets and locations. Matt loves to capture this dance in all it's vivid colour, strange shapes, and eerie atmoshere.


13 Harding Avenue
Mt Wellington
Auckland 1072
New Zealand

Mobile 027 2409662 (++64 27 2409662)
Phone 09 527 8652 (++64 9 5278652)

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